Celina Industries (Division of Celina Tent, Inc.) specializes in RF/HF welded and heat sealed products, as well as a full service fabric cutting and sewing operations. Our main services are separated into three major areas of operations:

  1. Fabric Welding
    Celina has many machines for welding thermo-plastic industrial fabrics and acrylic fabrics. Among these are the hot air/hot wedge welders which use heat and pressure to melt and bind materials together. Also in use are RF/HF weld machines which use radio frequency to rapidly heat materials while under pressure, causing the bar or die to create a seal in the desired shape. Seals can be created in small areas of the material up to full panel-length seals depending on the individual contract’s needs.
  2. Fabric Cutting
    Materials can be sent to Celina Industries for large volume sheet cutting, slitting, or pattern cutting options. Celina has two CNC (Computer Numerical Control) automated conveyor cutting systems which can be programmed for patterned applications. For large-scale sheet cutting, Celina offers our Multi-Sealer which is equipped with an automatic cutting system in addition to use of the CNC conveyor cutting systems. Other fabric cutting applications include material slitting with our in-house light-weight razor slitter, and our many Swing Arm Clicker Presses for die cutting.
  3. Contract Sewing
    Celina Industries offers innovative sewing solutions to small business owners and larger companies alike. Our core competency is load control straps, custom covers, industrial curtains, and tarps. We can design and produce any item that responds to the needs of our clients, from new concepts to existing products. Working with the client from prototype to finished contract, our competent staff of sewers utilizes our varied sewing equipment, from long arm double needle machines to programmable box-tackers and binders.
Phone866-438-8368     Address: 5373 State Route 29 Celina Ohio, 45822 USA