Humanitarian & General Purpose Tent System (HGPTS)

Celina Tent has developed complete shelter systems for disaster relief. Our system is fully customized and can include applications for use as billeting and dining areas, which incorporate (along with the tent top) sidewalls, flooring, cots, tables, and chairs in addition to generator capabilities for lighting, heating, and cooling. Disaster relief tents are also used for material storage, with similar modifications as the dining and billeting areas. Availability of shelters is critical in an emergency situation. We will expand our production capabilities to fill any order.

Our premiere disaster relief design is the Humanitarian & General Purpose Tent System (HGPTS), a 16’x16’ non-tactical shelter designed to offer an economical solution for humanitarian aid in the event of a natural disaster or conflict worldwide. Each is made from materials resistant to water, ultra violet light, mildew, and fungus, and made flame retardant. The design is made to be compactable and portable, capable of withstanding varying weather conditions and terrains (excepting arctic). General purposes include: Medical facilities, billeting, field services, and storage.

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