Are you looking for Party Lights, Canopy Lights, Shelter Lighting, String Lighting, Flood Lighting or RV Canopy Lighting? Celina Tent is your one stop solution for Event Tent lighting. In addition to the myriad styles of party tents available, Celina also offers many different accouterments to make any tent event even better. One type of item most people aren’t aware we have includes lighting and white extension cords. Celina’s lighting is perfect for wedding tents, graduation tents, marketing tents and craft show tents.


When creating a comfortable atmosphere, we suggest any of our globe strands; available in white and various color patterns, globe lighting offers a diffused light that improves mood and offers shadow-free illumination. White Globe lights come in strands including 2-Globe and 8-Globe, all of which are equipped with hooks to attach to the rope lines standard on tent tops. Globe Strand Lights with 6 globes are available in styles such as Copper Shaded Globe Lights, Bronze Globes Canopy Lights, Multi-Colored Globes, and Patriotic Colored globes. Post lighting (1-Globe and 4-Globe) and tent chandeliers are also available for globe lighting. Any globe lights on posts can be converted to chandeliers using our Post to Chandelier Converter.


More direct, stage-style lighting is covered by our line of PAR38 Lights.  The Flood lighting, available in both Double and Single styles, allows indirect illumination for under the tent top. For more directional, attention-grabbing lighting you can point them toward a central feature for your event, such as a wedding cake or important display. It is important to make sure these do not point toward any person or where it may shine in people’s eyes. PAR38 Can Lighting is available in black and white fixtures. These are more for lighting an actual stage or performance area, and come with the option of adding gel sheets (Pack A, Pack B, Pack C, Pack D) to change the color of your accent lighting.


For lighting that is less about illumination and more for accenting, rope lighting can be attached to many surfaces to suit most situations. In addition to full spools of lighting, Celina also sells the 6’ Power Cords, Rope Light Extensions, and T Compression Connectors to start up your rope light kit. For more advanced set-ups, we offer Crocodile Style Mounting Clips to point-connections, 3’ Channels for securing long lengths of rope, and a 2 Function Controller to create flashing lights. Rope lighting is available in a fair amount of colors, including Amber, Blue, Clear, Green, Pink, Purple, Red, and Yellow.


Celina tries to cover all possible needs that may arise when using our lighting, and so offers many different accessories to make the experience as simple as possible. Our many different styles of extension cords can be used interchangeably with all of the lighting. Also available is our Triple Tap Adapter and Quad Box to make the most out of the fewest amount of cords possible. For more warm settings, the tent lighting Dimmer Switch can be used to great effect. When using PAR38 or Chandelier lighting, our various Clamps and Mounted Hangers can raise your lighting installation to a whole new level.



In one recent testimonial, Bob Turnbull of BLT Leatherworks stated:

I received an 8-globe string of lights for my canopy tent that I will use for evening art shows where i will display my leather craft work.  I set up my tent this afternoon, arranged the string of lights and waited impatiently for night.  When I turned on the lights I was greeted with a shadow-free warmth of soft lighting that will be terrific for the venue.  

I'm writing this email to let you know that before "stumbling" onto your website by Google searching lighting displays after many attempts.  Then (as I recall) I Googled "lights for canopy tent" and low and behold your website popped up and I found your system.

I had tried many times and read various blogs describing the frustrations of crafts persons like myself who were struggling to find an affordable system that met their needs.  Most people complained of high cost, poor performance by short track lights not made for the purpose of tent displays and heat output.  So, having found your system, I see that (in my opinion) the word about your system is not spreading.

Besides your lighting needs Celina Tent offer’s many more accessories to have the perfect event.  Please check out our dance flooring, tent pole covers, and tent liners for the finishing touches on your tent event.  Celina Tent offers complete tents, and individual parts to make your tent experience the best tent experience possible. You can shop at our website 24/7 and chat with our knowledgeable support team at