Electric Extension Cord Safety and Proper Use


With the proper care and, extension cords can be used for any tent event and gathering. It is important to periodically re-check installed extension cords to detect any possible malfunction as soon as possible, as misuse can result in the chance of shock or fire. As with normal party tent safety procedures, should a fire occur it is vitally important to evacuate the tent. If there is ever a doubt about the safety of your extension cord, don’t use it. Here we have our main points broken out into three main categories: Cord Usage, Care, and Safety Issues.


When you are placing cords at a site requiring more power, common sense is the best indicator for proper use. Making sure the cords aren’t covered or compacted so that they can’t dissipate heat. Install the fewest amounts of cords, keeping them to areas where they won’t be bothered, and not altering them in any fashion.

  • Do not place where there is heavy foot traffic

  • Don’t place cords underneath carpets

  • Never plug a power strip into an extension cord; find an extension cord with multiple taps or a power strip with a longer cord

    • Our options range from the 10’ Triple Tap - a 10’ cord with three outlets built into the end - to the 50’ Multi-Cap, a 50’ cord with an outlet every 10’ (5 total outlets)

  • If you bundle multiple cords together, only use devices specifically for this purpose and never crowd the device

  • Shorter cords can handle more current than longer cords; plan different lengths of extension cord accordingly

    • Celina offers multiple lengths of cords, including 10’, 25’, 50’, and

  • Don’t use an adapter to plug a three-pronged cord into a two-pronged outlet

  • Use a power cord that is long enough for the job; don’t combine multiple extension cords


With proper use and storage habits, anyone can get multiple years’ use out of most heavy duty power cords. Like any tool, periodic inspection and attention to storage details can greatly expand the length of each cord’s use.

  • Inspect cords before use to ensure that it in working condition

  • Never puncture the insulation on an extension cord; if it becomes punctured, stop using it immediately

  • Do not crimp or put pressure on the cords, as this may eventually compromise the insulation

  • NEVER put staples or nails through the insulation on an extension cord to attach it to a surface

  • Store cords away from heat and moisture


Nothing is worth the risk of putting your loved ones or guests in danger. In addition to proper usage and care as detailed above, a few precautions can be kept in mind to maximize safety.

  • Always unplug an extension cord by pulling on the plug, not the cord

  • If an extension cord is warm or hot to the touch, unplug it immediately and do not use

  • Do not try to repair a malfunctioning cord

  • Don’t leave extension cords plugged in if not in use

  • Make sure any extension cords in exposed places are brightly colored or clearly indicated

  • Never remove the grounding pin from a three-pronged extension cord

All of the extension cords and accessories from Celina Tent are approved for outdoor use, most with winter jacket insulation approved for use in temperatures down to -40°F. Combined with our extensive supply of event lighting and accessories, we can be your one-stop-shop for event electrical needs. Visit us on the web at www.gettent.com, or watch some of our informative videos hosted at www.youtube.com/user/celinatent.