Spring Tent Cleaning Tips

As spring ushers in warmer weather and outdoor events again become commonplace, tents will begin their busy season. To keep your tent top looking great for this year and years to come, proper cleaning and care can’t be shirked.

Take Preventative Measures

The best and simplest preventative step you can take is to educate everyone involved in the tent installation process in proper tent handling and cleaning. Cleaning with the right chemicals, not scrubbing with abrasive tools, and adequate time for the tent top to dry are all simple steps once the process has been taught.

Most tents do not start out the year dirty and haggard-looking; if proper storage procedures have been followed, any tent top taken from storage should already be clean and dry, ready for use. To keep your tent from possibly accruing any sort of stains or irreversible molding, a pre-treatment such as Celina MPT: Mildew Prevention Treatment can be applied to your tent.

Should any mold have grown during the off-season, it should be dealt with as soon as possible in order to stem any additional damage. If the mold or mildew has started to leave stains or becomes difficult to remove, specialty cleaners such as Iosso Mold and Mildew Stain Remover or Celina Mold Cleaner may be used to try and reclaim any damaged fabric. Always pay close attention to the application directions when using any specialty cleaners to not damage your tent to further.

Use With Care

Tents will only last as long as you treat them right. Make sure that once an installation is finished, the tent top of is thoroughly cleaned with an appropriate cleaning agent, such as Celina’s Tent Cleaner, Citrus Cleaner, or (in lieu of specialized cleaners) warm water and dish soap. Soft scrubbers, such as cleaning cloths or brushes with soft bristles, can be employed to help dislodge any dirt, but it should be noted that intense scrubbing can cause the outer layer of the vinyl to wear, possibly creating pin holes or exposing the internal scrim. This should be avoided at all costs, as this is the primary cause of scrim mold, which is irreversible.

The next and most important step is to let the tent top dry completely before packing it away. Even the slightest amount of moisture trapped in the fabric folds can allow mold and mildew to begin growing; if left unchecked, your tent top may be ruined in as little as a few weeks.

In some cases a tent top may become soiled far beyond what average wear may normally entail. Tents used at fairs, cooking tents, and many different types of display tents may coat a tent top or sidewalls with grease, tar, oil, ink, or one of many different types of dirt which can be difficult to remove with simple soap and water. For extreme cases such as these, the tent fabric should be cleaned as soon as possible after accumulation. Degreasing agents such as Safe-T-Solve and Celina Citrus Cleaner can be applied in order to safely dislodge any of the debris from the fabric without causing damage to the actual tent top.

General Cleaning Tips

While cleaning commercial event tent tops can become a lengthy and tiresome process, it is a vital part of maintaining your tent.

  • For tents with only light dirt accumulation, a power sprayer can be used to apply tent cleaner or warm soapy water. Once rinsed with clean water, the tent can be air-dried and then packed.
  •  Gentle dish soaps can be mixed with warm water to create a simple all-purpose tent cleaner. Remember to rinse the tent fabric thoroughly after use, and be sure to completely dry before packing.
  • Always inspect a tent prior to use; this will keep you from compounding existing problems by identifying them before a potential installation.
  • Consider what a tent will be used for before selecting the tent to set up. Will this tent be used for cooking, and be exposed to grease and smoke?  Make sure you’re prepared for all possible cleaning and repairs.
  • Additional Tent and Sidewall vinyl cleaning tips can be found on this link: http://www.gettent.com/images/tent-care-cleaning-and-storage.pdf.

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