Getting the Lead Out on Celina’s Lead Times


Other than cost, what’s the first thing you think about when you place an order for an item? How long will it take to ship, right? Both online orders and seasonal mail fly at such a fast-paced pitch that it makes you wonder – how fast are items, especially large items such as tents, shipped? As you know, tent and event equipment is quite a bit heavier and more robust than your average DVD or nifty gadget. So, what can the expected lead time on items such as these be from Celina Tent? Let’s find out!

Standard Items – Shipping Lead Times

Celina tries to keep on top of the game, and get items to you in a timely manner, by keeping a large stock of our most popular items on-hand in our warehouse, so that they are ready to ship as soon as you place your order. This allows us to quickly pull and ship our most popular tents, components, and accessories at a moment’s notice. Our stock is regularly rotated and inspected during our off season to ensure you are receiving the highest quality product, year-round. For all in stock items, Celina guarantees that the shipment will leave the warehouse in 24-48 hours max.

Printing – Shipping Lead Times

Custom printing is one of the fastest growing product areas in the tent & event industry. And that makes sense – while plain white is the classic tent look (and ideal for rental companies), being able to use your tent for marketing or to add to your own décor makes events much more personal. Since every design is different, we’ve spent a lot of time focusing on streamlining our processes in order to ensure a quick turnaround time to continue to get you, our customers, the product you need in a timely fashion. Complete product fabrication is included in the lead times for printed items, with turn around being anywhere from 5 to 10 business days after the design is signed off by the customer and payment is made. This “ok-ing” step is crucial to keeping production on time.

Choice of Shipping Carriers

So, you’re product’s been made and is ready to ship out to you. But, the next logical question is, who’s handling your shipment? Because Celina doesn’t own trucks or a shipping company; part of our shipping process is the selection of a trusted carrier that can get you your items in the shortest time and with lowest cost. This can vary for every order. Once we’ve scheduled your items to ship, you will receive an email that allows you to track your shipment online and see an estimated delivery date. For any additional information, you can call our warehouse at (419) 678-8914. If the shipping company has any trouble contacting you, they will contact the warehouse with any information they need to convey.

Since all shipping is through separate companies, it is vital that you check over your items once they arrive and mark down any possible shipping damage that might occur. NEVER SKIP THIS STEP.

In Store Pickup – Come on Down!

For anyone who is relatively close to our manufacturing center, you can simply drive to our warehouse and pick up the item yourself! To make sure everything flows smoothly:

  • Make sure you let us know you’ll be coming to pick up your items
  • You can stop by our main office in Celina for a printed receipt, or peruse all paperwork at the warehouse itself
  • Warehouse self-pickup hours are 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM; we will help you load your order if you need
  • Make sure you know how large the items you’re picking up with be, and have adequate room in your vehicle

As always, you can contact one of our sales representatives before, during, or after an order to get any information about how long your shipment will take. We can check availability and give you lead times that are tailored to the products you are wanting. Contact us today!

Phone: (419) 586-3610