Introducing Celina’s line of Laminate Tables!

Celina’s array of banquet, round and training tables will now have an additional choice regarding optional table top material:

Laminate Tables have high-quality pressure resin bonded to both sides of ¾” particle board, combining the durability and safety of the resin tables with the luxury of the wood grain aesthetic. The table edges are bordered with a bumper to avoid any sharp edges. Finally, on the underside of the table, in addition to the second layer of resin, each table is equipped with steel support skirt to add even more stability to the table top. The steel legs are bolted to the underside of the table, a marked difference from our Wooden Table Series, which utilizes through-bolts for leg attachment. We do not sell replacement legs for any of our Laminate Tables.

Both the Laminate Banquet Tables and Laminate Training Tables have legs which secure in place using gravity locks; once the legs are extended to their standing position, metal loops slide over the hinges on each set of legs to keep the hinges from moving while the table is set up. These are called gravity locks because while standing, gravity keeps the rings over the hinge areas to keep the legs secure. The 60” Round Laminate Table is the only Laminate Table equipped with dimple locks; these operate by sliding a metal nub into a hole in two adjacent metal pieces on the leg hinges. The pieces align as the legs are extended, locking the legs in their outward position for the duration of use.

With the exceedingly simple setup and sleep table top look, Celina’s Laminate Table are sure to add more class and visual appeal to any gathering, while affording the easy-cleaning and durability provided by the pressure-resin coating. Due to the particle board coring in Laminate Tables, they are advised for indoor use only.