Celina Folding Chairs: Why are They a Better Option?

Celina takes great pride in the quality of our various folding chairs that we have available for sale. Of course, the major concern comes down to the cost; why should someone be willing to pay a little extra for our chairs, when a similar-looking chair can be bought cheaper? The answer lies in the phrase “Similar-Looking.” While Celina seating may appear analogous to those of our competitors, we’ve invested in chairs with added or improved features to make them more durable, of better quality, and worth that little extra.

Tubing Construction

In cooking, the best foods come from a combination of the best ingredients. Focusing all of the way down to base construction, the tubing which forms the legs and back of our Bellbrook Folding Chairs (in White and Black), Bellbrook Fan Back Folding Chair, and our new Mayfield Blow-Mold Chairs has walls that are 1.4 mm thick. In most seating of this type, the standard wall thickness of any tubing is relegated to 1.0 mm or 1.2 mm. Added thickness from the base components strengthens the overall stability of the chair. The suggested weight limit on these chairs is a maximum of 300 pounds, though through testing we’ve found that better reinforced tubing can makes seating with a breaking limit above 700 pounds!



As Celina’s chairs fold for each of storage and transportation, making the durability of the hinge brackets is one of its most important aspects. Classically, chair hinge brackets are attached to the seat using either the hinge bar through the center, or an additional rivet through the bracket plate. The brackets themselves extend slightly past the width of the leg tubing. Any chairs sold by Celina have an extra wide bracket to provide additional support, and a total of three rivets per bracket to ensure proper attachment.


Under-Seat Plates

Beneath each seat on the Bellbrook Chairs is a support plate; these add strength to the chair as it is attached to the frame work. When compared with seating sold elsewhere, the most notable differences include additional reinforcement ribs, making the plate itself stronger, and a multitude of rivets. While most plates are attached to the underside of the seat with three rivets per end, Celina’s chairs are secured with four rivets to make certain there is enough fastening.



The Oxford line of resin folding chairs, available in both black and white, is equipped with detachable seat plates for easy cleaning and cushion replacement. This gives the seat an extended use life due to reparability. As most of our chairs are intended to suit most occasions, this means that color swaps are simple to achieve when both white and black cushions are purchased. Finally, with the custom printing abilities we possess at Celina the seat cushions themselves can be created with any image, text, or color that appeals to your business or occasion, making Oxford Resin Folding Chairs one of the most versatile seating options.


In addition to seating itself, Celina offers ganging clips for grouping any chair with tubing legs, replacement rubber feet for chair legs, and covers, bags, and dollies for storing and transporting all types of folding chairs. All items can be ordered 24/7 from our website, www.gettent.com.
All of these features combine to create folding chairs with years of use ahead of them, because when you purchase seating, be it for rental use, events, or just for use at home, you are making an investment. And quality is always a good investment.