Weddings: Choosing the Right Tent for your Special Day

Weddings are great. Weddings outside? Even better. Weddings in a tent? Fantastic! With the proper preparedness, your special event can be made all the better through the use of tents and event equipment which can be purchased from Celina Tent. Here is a quick run-down of the different tent styles as they would apply to a wedding ceremony. Deciding on a tent style will come down to your personal choice as to the overall look that you desire. Many of the styles listed are used by rental companies all over the country, giving you the option of choosing the tent style you think fits best for your special day.

Frame Tents

Includes: Classic Series Frames, Pinnacle Series High Peak Frames, Pinnacle Series Hexagon High Peak Frames, Master Series Frames, Master Series High Peak Frames, Classic Series Gable Frames

Any of Celina’s Frame Style tents will allow your guests and wedding party to be covered by a structure that has no obstructions underneath the tent fabric. This maximizes the usable tent space, allowing for a multitude of table arrangements and the ability to create dance flooring in any location. The Classic Series Gable Frame is great for spaces with existing buildings, as the gable ends are vertical and can butt against structures.

On the down side, set up for frame tents can be lengthier due to the multitude of parts required to create the frame. While a few, such as the Pinnacle Series High Peak Frames and the Master Series High Peak Frames, may have the aesthetic of high peaks, the bulk of the tents will have a standard building-like frame which is structurally sound but not nearly as regal as other options.

Pole Tents

Includes: Classic Series Poles, Premiere I Series High Peak Poles, Premiere II Series High Peak Poles

Pole tents require fewer components when installing, reducing the amount of setup and tear-down time required. Sizing options for pole tents also extend past those of frame tents, reaching up to 80’ wide (compared to the Classic Series Frame Tent’s maximum of 40’ wide). The look of a pole tent, with its high peaks and elegant curves, brings to mind festive occasions. The Premiere II Series High Peak Pole Tent, when installed correctly, is rated to withstand 3-second wind gusts up to 90 miles per hour, making it one of the most stable tents available.

Due to the construction, lots of attention to the staking and tensioning of ratchet assemblies is required to ensure the stability of the tent. The addition of the center and quarter poles (depending on the tent size) can also be a hindrance, as space on the interior of the tent must accommodate these poles. 

Tables and Seating 

Options: Bellbrook White / Black Poly Plastic Folding Chairs, Wooden Tables, Resin Tables, Table Covers

While Celina, as a manufacturer, doesn’t rent out items, many of the accessory items we offer for sale are useful beyond a single event. From our many styles of folding chairs to the all of the tables we offer, our accessories are convenient and economical. The varying styles allow you to create inventive displays that you can use again and again. Many items also have discounts for bulk orders.

Even the little things can be purchased from through our main facility located in Celina, Ohio. We offer specialty lighting, such as our globe post light, liners and leg drapes for improved tent appearances, and extension cords.

Deciding on the tent style and any desired accoutrements will streamline the organizational process when dealing with your tent rental company for your area. All items listed can be purchased online 24/7 from Celina Tent’s website,