Container Prepping for the New Year

As the last of the fairs and events wind down, you’ve stored your equipment for the season and are ready to kick up your feet and rest on your laurels. Well, almost.

With the advent of a long season coming to an end and some free time on the horizon, it will behoove you to get a little prep out of the way. We’re talking about restocking through full-container shipping. No doubt at the end of this past season you’ve seen more than a few chairs wear down or even break, tables may be suffering damage that is just beyond fixing, and all of your business or event requirements are still fresh in your mind. All can be taken care of through full-container orders from Celina Tent.

Revitalize Your Furniture Stock

With wear and breakdown inevitable for every used item, ordering a container of brand new tables and chairs can be just the thing to revitalize your furniture stock. New tables and chairs can be ordered now, allowing you to keep your current stock and only replace them as needed; having the new on hand will save you the trouble of not being able to meet demand when a table fails or chairs simply aren’t in large enough supply.

Being so close the current season, you’re sure to have your usage figures on hand, if not in mind. Estimates for next year can be easily calculated, making it easy to identify where you might require new replacement or additional stock to keep up with event trends.

Save Money with Full Shipping Containers

Ordering full shipping containers lets you easily overhaul your current stock of tables and chairs. With so many units per container, the time factor plays an important role in when you order. To reach you in time for your next event season, the earlier the order the better. Most shipments take upwards of 100-120 days from order placement to delivery to your door. In addition to the actual manufacture and transport, remember that all of the workers involved in the process will also be taking their end-of-the-year holidays, possibly adding to the turn around on your order.

Celina is glad to help you through the container ordering process; we can advise on which items can be acquired in what quantities and can walk you through the process step-by-step. Call us today to speak with our friendly sales personnel, and we’ll help you have your tables and chairs ready for next year!