Why Your Tent Provider Should ALWAYS Give You a Flame Certificate

As we’ve mentioned previously, fire safety and the certification of tents can be a daunting topic to tackle. With the glut of acronyms and industry terms to sift through, it can be all too easy to simply throw up your hands and ignore the topic completely. This is, as we call it in the tent industry, bad.

The point of a tent is to provide shade and protection from the elements as you spend time outside. Since most tents are not intended for use for more than a week or so, it can be easy to dismiss any rules that focus on things like “upkeep” or “fire resistance” as these occurrences can seem very unlikely to affect your installation. However, that doesn’t give credit to what these rules are for.

Why We Certify …

The idea behind these certifications is to provide protection to those 1 out of 100 times when you need that protection. For example, let’s say the Fireworks show at your local festival ends up being lower than expected and an ember lands on your tent top? Or what if Uncle Ray trips, his cigar flying through the air? Little Jimmy running with a sparkler? No one anticipates these escalating to a flaming tent, but the rules are in place for just these occasions –you NEVER know what may happen.

… And We Do Certify

At Celina, every one of the tent fabrics we use in our products pass flammability certification; this is a guarantee we extend to every tent sold. We don’t do this as a marketing ploy or to make our tents more expensive; this is done for the protection of our customers and their guests, be they rental companies or private tent owners.

Beware of Fakes

The other side of our willingness to provide our certification comes when other installers, manufacturers, or tent users try to pass off other tents as being within our certification. This occurs when someone tries to show one of our certificates in conjunction with a tent not created at Celina Tent. Worse, it’s possible for manufacturers or rental companies to procure our certificates - trying to convince customers that the certificate applies to their (possibly not certified) tents. Making this information available to any customer puts our information at risk of certification-poachers.

By purchasing your tents from Celina, you can be rest assured that every tent top has passed the listed certifications for flame and fire resistance. A complete listing of our certified tents can be found in the Knowledge Center on our website, www.GetTent.com. Check us out for safety and setup information regarding every facet of tent events!