Sidewalls – Expanding Your Tent Experience

Everyone knows that adding sidewalls to a tent creates a more unified tent experience. Spaces are more easily defined, traffic flow is simplified, and your decorations have an additional backdrop to draw attention to them. Yet due to how people view fabrics differently, the unexpected use of tents into the fall and beyond is often overlooked.

A Complete Tent Experience

Stopping summer winds is a great way to use tent sidewalls, but turn that thinking around for a second. Imagine how the air contained within that tent is being treated. With no extraneous movement of different temperatures and humidity levels, your interior is free to use heating and cooling as required, and can even have air fresheners or other enhancements that require relatively still air for use.

Warm and Cozy

Limiting the exit of conditioned air is paramount to maintaining favorable conditions. When natural processes aren’t enough – say you’re entering the last two months of the year with a tent installed (wink wink) – tents can stay favorable with the use of added heaters. Should your installation experience any snowfall, this will also act as a secondary protection measure, as the added heat will prevent snow accumulation that can build up on top fabric and potentially cause damage over the winter months.


As always, safety is the most important aspect that you need to focus on when planning any sort of tent set up. When using heaters:

  • Have proper electrical/fuel acquisition.
  • Should your heater have an exhaust, make sure it is safety vented to the exterior.
  • Nothing with an open flame and NO FIRES should be in a fabric shelter at any time.
  • Observe all safety distances for the heater you are using; never place a heat source directly next to a tent wall or other items that may ignite.

While tent decisions and practices are entirely up to the end user, following practices provided by Celina are sure to help you save time, effort, and instill an overall comfort to your experience. More information on sidewalls and their use can be found on our website,, along with informational videos and 24/7 purchasing and chat support. Visit us today!