Top Reasons Celina’s Tent Staking is Superior

Delivering quality to customers can be a lofty goal –but it’s one that Celina Tent sets each and every year. It requires not only in-depth research into the product to know what constitutes quality, but also a wide search to source that level of quality in a product. Celina wants you to know that we have searched far and wide to make sure that the stakes we offer for anchoring tents and other equipment are the best they can be.


There are fewer important aspects in tent safety than anchoring. Poles tents in particular rely completely on the staking to keep the tent erect and in place! With so much riding on the stakes that keep your tent in place and functioning, there really is no room for lackadaisical selection.

Celina offers stakes up to 42” long – while longer than most users want, this length allows the maximum amount of soil to bolster the anchor, providing a stronger installation. While it does take more time and energy to haul and install larger stakes, the benefits more than outweigh the hassle.


Stakes that are used to connect a tent to the ground need to be of the correct size to provide the best holding power they can. When ordering from Celina, we give you the option of 42”, 36”, and 18” Steel Stakes along with 22” Anchoring Pins as required for the various types of tents and expected weather conditions that tents may be left erected in. Every tent manual indicates the minimum staking that is required per tent – while minimum will be fine in the most favorable weather and soil conditions, more advanced staking can only increase tent safety and strength.

Whether you’re purchasing your first complete tent or replacing or augmenting your current stake stash, stakes from Celina can be counted on for high quality production and well thought through application. Celina offers staking procedures for all of our tents on our YouTube page, including staking for Classic Series Frame, Master Series Frame, Classic Series Pole, and Premiere I Series High Peak Pole Tents. More information on proper staking can be found on our website,