Celina Tent Distribution Center


Celina Tent, Inc Builds NEW 89,000 sq. ft. Warehouse in Celina, OH!

At Celina, we love our customers. Through invaluable feedback and a communal approach to solving any issues that crop up, we’re implementing company-wide changes and improvements to make every visit to our website(s) as easy as possible for you. With all of the improvements Celina has been implementing to the main manufacturing facility, one area of shipping and item storage can be overlooked: the warehouse.

The Importance of the Warehouse

The warehouse is the beating pulse of any sales venture, the direct line from us to you, and without it there is little room for inventory storage and safe item transit from the production floor to your doorstep. At Celina Tent, we have taken the first steps toward integrating this vital step in product sales into our over-arching update scheme. In the coming year, Celina will be opening the doors of our brand new Celina Tent Distribution Center.

With over 89,000 square feet of storage and work space to accommodate all of our manufactured products, the new center will be located right next to our main facility. This allows us to cut down on the time and cost of taking our tent tops, sidewalls, and custom printed items from production to the warehouse prior to shipping. But what does this mean for you? Faster item turn-around time and fewer chances of packing errors. Who doesn’t love getting everything they ordered sooner than expected?

Expected Open Date for Celina Warehouse

The groundwork for our new Distribution Center will be completed in early October, with the final move from our current warehouse (located in Coldwater, Ohio) occurring during the Fall of 2017. With a new facility comes the ability to design our layout to best suit our specific storage and shipping needs, allowing us to keep the orders flowing in an orderly and efficient manner. Our ability to send the products you need to you with all speed is our goal; with every improvement, Celina strives to make your tent and event supply order experience the best it can be!

Browse all of Celina Tent’s products at www.GetTent.com, our e-commerce platform with over 500 unique products for event preparation! Our friendly account managers are ready for your call at 1-866-Get-Tent (438-8368) to help with any questions or orders.