Top 3 Benefits of Celina Tent's Sidewalls

Most of the features our sidewalls possess – their ease of use, simplicity in cleaning, and their protection from the elements – are all well and good. But what about sidewalls makes them super exciting?


1. Custom Printing for a Unique You

With a design that is compatible between most tents of the same type (frame-to-frame, pole-to-pole, etc.), all types of sidewalls can be custom printed with your designs or logo. This doesn’t mean that you can only add your company name or mascot; with the help of our graphic design department, you can make your sidewalls convey anything you want. You can use it for queueing directions, remove holes for novelty photo spots or targets for tossing-games, or create your own scenery for performances. So many possibilities!


2. Let the Sun Shine In …

Window Sidewalls do still provide the same protection as solid sidewalls, but think about that fact for a moment. If your tent has windows, you can feel closer to nature around you (not closer than the ground you’re standing on, but close enough).  Keeping an eye on pets and errant children, soaking in that sunlight to make Vitamin D (avoid bone softening!), and communicating efficiently through semaphore code are all less-talked about advantages to windowed sidewalls. Unless a darkened atmosphere is required for resting or presentation purposes, every décor can be improved with natural lighting.


3. Custom Layouts around the Perimeter

Nobody says you have to completely enclose your structure. While it is advisable to purchase enough tent sidewalls to complete the perimeter, you can create easy entrance and exit points by folding edges of the walls back to create as large an opening as desired. If smaller sidewalls are utilized you can even create small divider areas at multiple areas around the structure. Close off corners and make your tent a pedestrian hub, or use small printed sidewall sections as display boards for products, services, or other images. When multiple tents are installed side-by-side, sidewalls can even provide direction and interior designs within the covered area!

With so many different applications, Sidewalls from Celina can set your tent on a whole different level. The limit of their use coincides with that of your own imagination! Contact us today and we can work with almost any idea and make your dreams a reality!