Pinnacle Cross Cable Marquee Event Tent

Celina’s Pinnacle Series Frame Tent is one of our best selling, most reliable tent styles. They are commonly referred to as Marquee Tents, Chinese Hat Tents, Peak Tents, Cross Cable Tents, Pagoda Tents or Frame Tent Marquees. No matter what you call this tent style our customers love them for their ease of use.

With its sweeping fabric top and easy-to-install design, the Pinnacle Series High Peak Frame Tent from Celina Tent adds class and elegance to any event. The cross cable design allows for an elegant tent top profile in addition to a completely clear interior space free of any support items.

Features to Rely On

The key to the Pinnacle Tent’s effectiveness is the cross-cable support system: as the frame is assembled, steel cables link each opposing corner. Cables are available in lengths according to the tent size they will be used on, including 10’x10’ (used on 10’x10’ and 10’x20’ Pinnacles), 15’x15’ (for use with 15’x15’ and 15’x30’ Pinnacles), and 20’x20’. This provides the tent with two separate features; first, this system holds the frame together though the cables’ tension. You’ll note that while installing, the corner of the frame may need to be lifted in order to attach the second end of the cable. By making the cable just long enough to reach fitting to fitting, the tension pulls the fittings onto the tubes snugly and keeps the frame from coming loose.

The second feature of the cross cable system is its use as the center mast support. The very tension that keeps the frame fittings connected to the tubes allows the cables to keep the center mast pushed up into the tent top, freeing up the center of the tent’s interior for whatever you wish to use the space for. The center mast has a plastic base equipped with grooves to house the installed cables. By sliding the center mast onto the cables where they cross, the mast is provided with maximum support and also a means of keeping it secured in place (these grooves, once the cables are installed, are covered with a pin and bail fastener to keep them in place).

Up and Up

The Pinnacle Tent is a frame tent that doesn’t rely on fasteners to keep its all of its components connected; this job falls on the aforementioned cross cables. To begin installation, the frame pieces for the perimeter of the tent are assembled on a drop cloth to keep the tent top clean. Once the cross cables connect the perimeter frame pieces, the tent top is laid on top and one side’s legs installed. You’ll note that the legs are attached via ratchet straps at each location, again negating the need for individual fasteners. Once lifted, the center mast is installed on the cables, and the rest of the legs are attached to finish the assembly. Each leg location is then anchored using ratchet assemblies to stakes, and anchoring pins through each base plate.

The Complete Package

Styles of Pinnacle Series High Peak Frame Tent include both square framed and hexagon framed variations to add variety to any installation. Each Pinnacle Tent System that is ordered comes with all of the pieces required for full installation, with each piece also available for re-purchase on website if it should need replacement down the road. With easily-purchased replacement parts and simple set up for easy use, the Pinnacle Series High Peak Frame Tent is a great choice for your next graduation, get together, or birthday celebration. Visit our website at for more information on this systems and accessories to further enhance your tenting experience.

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