Crestline Truss Arch Structure

While the majority of fabric structures are not intended or certified for long term use, the Crestline Truss Arch Fabric Shelter has been specifically designed for used as a semi-permanent, portable storage building. Referred to by many names – Hoop Barns, Warehouse Tents, and Freestanding Fabric Buildings – the Crestline Tent Series have a variety of style to fit any use imaginable. The two main designs include:

Single Arch

As the name suggests, the single arch uses arch tubing that is a single tube extend from side to side. Lighter than its doubled counterpart, the Single Arch Crestline portable shelter is recommended for installations up to a year in length, and can exceed this time frame if necessary. The only version with a vertical side is the 26’Wx20’Lx10’H Container Shelter, intended for use between shipping crates to create an awning or otherwise shaded area. This prevents rain and the elements from directly contacting your items, but does not have enclosed ends.

Double Arch

The second style of Crestline tensioned fabric buildings opts for improved stability and strength over less weight and ease of installation. Each beam on a Double Arch structure is comprised of two separate pieces of tubing connected by crisscrossing support pieces that are welded together. Double Arch Truss Shelters require special feet at the ends of each arch to accommodate the extra tubing. Reinforced arches are perfect for areas where weather conditions are expected to be extreme, or the installation is for a longer-than-usual term. Clear Span Storage Structures with both Arched Sides and Vertical Sides are available in Double Arches.


Most long-term shelter installations are to provide economic storage for growing businesses and bulk storage for low-maintenance items. Due to the intense installation process, the end result is one that is perfect for transferring machinery or heavy equipment for safe keeping while permanent storage areas are constructed or improved. Crestline Container Structures, those that attached to shipping crates for additional protection, are great for bulk agricultural storage, protecting items such as grain, hay, compost, mulch, salt, or sand.

Depending on the size of the chosen structure, installation of a clear span fabric storage building generally takes 4 days to a week to install (with proper preparation). Once assembled, Truss Arch Structures can be detached from the anchoring and relocated with relative ease thus allowing greater flexibility than more semi-permanent shelters.

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