Presto Tent Overview

To aid beginning rental companies and home owners alike, Celina has modified our popular commercial tent design to increase affordability and simplicity of use: presenting the Presto! Series Pole Canopy.

The Make Up

Sourcing quality materials for our tents is of utmost importance; the 14 ounce material is flame, mold, and mildew resistant to provide the best base layer of protection for your tent top. The center, corner, and side poles break down for easy storage, transport, and installation. Push pins located on each pole align with holes in the base of the connecting piece, making assembly a snap. As a push-pole tent, the anchoring system is tensioned snug when the poles are angled and fully tightened as the pole is pushed vertically, combining the tensioning with the installation process to save time.


Installation of the Presto! Canopy is easily accomplished by two people. The tent top is lain out on a drop cloth with the edges pulled tight to ascertain the end footprint. The anchoring lines are attached to the tent top, and are at this point attached to the anchoring pins which are installed 3 ½’ out from the top. Poles are assembled, corners inserted at an angle followed by the center and side poles. The tent is then tensioned, and the poles are pushed into their final upright positions to tension the anchoring ropes.

Striking is just as simple; all anchoring is loosened, removing the side poles. Once the centers are removed, the corners can be lowered and all poles can be disassembled. The tent top is folded, and all components are stowed in their appropriate bags.

Designed for Ease

To make this tent style more convenient, labeled bags for each of the tent parts are included for easy organization and transportation. The anchoring ropes, as mentioned before, are attached to the tent top to avoid being misplaced. Canopies are available in 20’x20’, 20’x30’, and 20’x40’ only to accommodate the most tent coverage while keeping the tent top a single piece for easy installation and storage.

Replacement tent poles can be purchased separate from tent tops in case of part failure; included in these kits are complete sets of poles, stakes, and replacement ropes/rope locks, along with the corresponding storage bags. For more tent accessories and other styles of tents, visit our website at


Check out Presto! Canopy Installation on our YouTube Channel:

20’x20’ Presto Installation Video

20’x30’ Presto Installation Video

20’x40’ Presto Installation Video