Light Up Your Part with Our NEW Copper Globe Lights


Every event has the chance to extend into the night; in the case of celebrations, it’s to be expected. Most tenting events that require lights fall into two separate categories. The first is utility lighting – in this case, the light is required to complete whatever actions or business that is occurring in the tent. This can be garage sales, fair installations, or really any situation where the most important aspect of the lighting is simply the illumination.

The second is decorative lighting. This includes occasions where the décor or ambiance of the venue plays a part in the festivities. Parties, weddings and their receptions, and semi-permanent outdoor venues such as restaurant extensions or performance spaces are areas when you not only want to see what’s going on, but to light the area in tune with the running theme or overall design.

Bridging this gap is Copper Shaded Globe Lighting from Celina. With all of the base aspects of normal globe lighting – easy of use/installation, weather and water resistant polycarbonate globes – and the additional shade aesthetic, shade globe lights are the multipurpose illumination you’re looking for.

Copper Shaded Globe Lighting does more than illuminate a venue. While most non-permanent lighting is very quickly visually identified as such, the additional decorative design on each strand allows them to fit in better at higher-end and more permanent situations. Need lighting along your house’s porch? Want to brighten the patio area of your restaurant? Has the wedding reception extended later into the night than planned? All of these are situations where you may want more than just a plain white globe providing your illumination.

Each strand of Copper Shaded Globe Lights contains 6 globes, with simple installation of bulbs by unscrewing the polycarbonate globe and screwing in the up to 60-watt bulb. The coiled cord extends 25’ (7.6 m) and can reach a full length of 37’ (10.7 m), with a maximum of 4 consecutive strands able to be joined together.

Combining a classier design and less visible black cord with the ease and simplicity of the plastic hook and standard bulb installation, Celina’s Copper Shaded Globe Light Strand can augment any event or venue with soft, elegant lighting that is weather and water resistant. Check them out today!


Globe Light with Copper Shade: