Knock Down Pedestal Table Trolley and Cocktail Table Storage Carts

Pedestal Tables from Celina are some of the easiest and stylish tables for events with a large amount of mingling. Also known as cabaret tables, they can be used as individual or paired seating, giving an intimate layout, or scattered around a banquet hall or event tent for serving finger foods or for setting drinks. And with two sizes of tops (each possessing two heights), there are endless uses for them! The only hitch? Storage and transport.

Each knock down bar table comes with the two separate heights of support, the star-shaped based, and the top itself. Due to how each table is assembled, gravity is what keeps the tables together when at an event, making them not very stable for lifting and moving apart from sliding them along the floor. With four separate pieces to store and haul, keeping everything together and organized can be difficult to say the least. We combat this problem using the Heavy Duty Pedestal Table Cart.

Celina’s Heavy Duty Pedestal Table Cart solves any hassles associated with pedestal tables. Built to accommodate both 30” Pedestal Tables and 36” Pedestal Tables, each cart possesses five slots in the center for tops - two table tops, stacked face-to-face, can fit in each slot. Twenty PVC tubes, ten along each side of the cart, are large enough to fit both sizes of center column poles. The star base portions are slid onto posts mounted to the top of the cart, keeping them from jutting out and possibly catching on doorways. The base of the cart has mounted wheels for maneuverability, with two handles welded to support posts for steering.

Each cart comes disassembled on a pallet for faster shipping, and so requires assembly upon arrival. The Heavy Duty Table Cart is the top tier of pedestal table equipment. Celina offers complete sets – one cart with 10 tables – for stocking any hall or restaurant patio. Sets are available with all 30” wide tables or all 36” wide tables only. If an entire cart is more than you’re looking for, we also offer Table Top Bags for carrying two 30” pedestal table tops, and the Table Upright Pole Bag, which holds up to ten 30” tall table poles.