Pinnacle High Peak Cross Cable Party Frame Tent Configuration

The Pinnacle Series High Peak Frame Tent may sound complicated, but in fact is one of the most versatile tents Celina offers. With its revolutionary no-fastener frame (held together using tensioned steel cables) and dual-ratchet anchoring system, each Pinnacle Tent is easy to install. This design is why Pinnacle Series High Peak Frame Tents are often referred to as Cross-Cable Marquees.

The Pinnacle Series is unique in that one style of tent is hexagon-shaped; while an interesting design in its own right, this allows multiple hexagon and square or rectangular shaped tents to be erected side-by-side to maximize tent coverage. It is important to remember that each size Hexagon Pinnacle Tent corresponds to a specific width of square or rectangular Pinnacle Tent:

The 20’ Pinnacle Hex connects to 10’x10’ and 10’x20’ Pinnacles.

The 30’ Pinnacle Hex connects to 15’x15’ and 15’x30’ Pinnacles.

The limits to Pinnacle Tent Configurations are only curbed by your imagination! Some of the most common configurations include:

A.      Great for catering events, Hexagon Pinnacles can serve as main serving areas with the square and rectangular counterparts providing shaded aisles to additional seating or kitchens.

B.      For large, spread-out events, multiple Hexagon Pinnacles can cover areas that may not be well suited for regular square or rectangular tents.

C.      Connecting multiple Pinnacle Tents with a central Hexagon Pinnacle Tent hub is a great way to separate workshop stations or delineate separate areas within a single event or gathering.

D.      For those wishing to avoid the hassle of larger Frame or Pole Tent installations, multiple Pinnacle Tents can be connected, providing the same area coverage.

For events where rain is expected, the addition of Pinnacle Water Gutters is a great way to prevent any leakage between individual tent tops. Gutters for pinnacles are available in 10’, 15’, and 20’ lengths to accommodate all styles of configurations. Each gutter wraps around the adjacent valances of the tents, connecting to the internal frame tubing.