The Benefits of Using a Commercial Folding Chair Storage Bag

Commercial Folding Chair Storage Bags

Like most items, the folding chairs you buy are an investment, whether they are for home use during parties and get-togethers or part of your rental company’s stock. And, just as with any other investment, upkeep on your chairs should start from day one. Celina offers many replacement parts and accessories for stackable chairs and folding chairs, but none are as important for extending the life of your investment as our Folding Chair Storage Bag.

Each bag is made from thick, tightly-woven canvas, which allows greater resistance to environmental factors and ensures a long product life. Around the middle of the bag is stitched a strip of 2” webbing, which is free on either side to provide hand-holds for easy carrying. The top of the bag has a canvas flap that is held in place by a 1” wide webbing strip, which loops through a sewn-on ring and fastens to itself using hook and loop fasteners attached to the strap.

Compatible with all styles of folding chairs that we offer, the Folding Chair Storage Bag holds up to four chairs at a time. Each chair is held separate from one another by a set of internal sleeves. This minimizes damage the chairs may accrue from each other while in transit or being stored.

While we still offer chair carts for moving larger amounts of chairs, our chair bags are meant more for product protection than mass transportation. These bags are great for occasions where only a few chairs are needed or for smaller rental businesses. The four-chair maximum keeps the bags from becoming too heavy to easily carry. With this added level of protection, Folding Chair Storage bags will keep your chairs better shielded from day-to-day wear and allow them to be put to use for many years.

These storage bags are the perfect complement to our Oxford Resin Folding Chairs. These outdoor wedding chairs are available in white or black.