Introducing our NEW Dover Resin Crossback Bistro Chairs!

Introducing Dover Resin Cross Back Farmhouse Chairs

Celina works tirelessly to bring the highest quality and best looking seating to our customers. Having branched out from folding chairs, our premiere stackable chair lines begin with the classical Dover Cross-Back Resin Chair. With colors that fit with any occasion or celebration, the Dover is a classy combination of aesthetic appeal and durable economy.

As the name implies, each chair is made from multiple pieces of high-impact resin, which lends the seat a weather- and UV-resistance that is unparalleled by other makes of chairs. This means that Dover banquet chairs are useable both indoors and outdoors. Cleaning is also made simpler, as the resin can be wiped down with warm, soapy water and dried at a moment’s notice with no side effects, even should you choose to use mild cleaning chemicals.

Each chair is stackable; the design of the seat portion allows the legs of additional chairs to fit neatly in front of the rear support bars, locking it in place for secure movement on carts or by hand. While not having a folding or collapsible option may seem like a drawback, the added strength of a solid chair is more than enough of a trade in.

The sleek, minimalist design of the cross back combined with the curved back bar lets the Dover meld beauty with economy at most refined affairs, including high-end banquets, outdoor weddings, and event graduation and awards ceremonies. Also called Bistro Style Stacking Chairs for their propensity for use in outdoor cafés, Dover Chairs are in a category all their own.

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