The Importance of a BIFMA Certification for Tables & Chairs

Purveyors of tables and chairs will present many facts about their furniture, often listing aspects such as weight capacity, fabrication techniques, or added features that make their items stick out from the regular stock of available products. Sometimes, added in among the many physical attributes and sales-y lingo is the term BIFMA Certification. Is this something that should concern you or affect your purchases?

BIFMA (Business + Institutional Furniture Manufacturers Association) is a not-for-profit organization that develops, maintains, and publishes standards for business and institutional furniture manufacturers. This allows the consumer to know how much testing a particular piece of furniture has gone through, should it be listed as passing BIFMA certifications. Much like ANSI, or the American National Standards Institute, BIFMA simply provides the standard testing parameters which may be used to test different aspects of the furniture in question.

At Celina, this impacts our consumers in several ways. We do our best to source seating and furniture that best exemplifies the quality and dedication to a well-designed product that we work toward in all of our product fields. With that said, any time the products we offer have passed BIFMA Certification we list that information on our website.

Many of the chairs we offer, including the Dover Resin Cross Back Chair and our Oxford Resin Folding Chairs, have various levels of certification. Our Bellbrook Poly Folding Chairs alone passed more than 15 individual testing parameters! This helps you know which chairs pass more strenuous tests, giving you all of the information you’ll need when making your choice for additional seating.