Increasing Productivity with the Athens Utility Shelter

Many shelters offered at Celina Tent are made for specific purposes. The Crestline Truss Arch Fabric Structure is for longer-term storage and shelter, while the Premiere II Engineered High Peak Pole Tent is made to withstand 3 second wind gusts at up to 90 miles per hour. In the same vein, the Athens Utility Shelter is made with the utility worker in mind.

Created from light weight, water-resistant, flame-retardant and UV-treated nylon cloth, the Athens is a pop-up work shelter constructed for safety. The shelter itself is made from white and safety yellow fabric, making sure that visibility is guaranteed. The entire framework for the work site shelter is made from flexing fiberglass rods, making the overall tent extremely light weight and easy to transport to any possible location where it is needed. Athens Utility Shelters are equally useful in remote locations and for use as manhole tents, their primary-use setting.

Setting up the Athens Utility Shelter takes seconds, and is a two person recommended procedure. Once unpacked and placed, at least one corner should be staked to keep the shelter in place. The center of each wall and the ceiling has a tab for pulling. Once grasped, the corners should be stabilized and the tab pulled until the panel snaps out into position. Once this procedure is completed at the top and walls, the pop and work tent is ready to use.

To secure the Athens Utility Shelter, grommets located along the bottom border of the shelter allow for direct staking, while eyelets in the center of each wall provide attachment points for staking lines leading out from the walls that don’t contain doors. In most cases, the stakes can simply be pushed into the ground, not requiring any additional tools for installation. Both methods of anchoring should be used whenever possible to provide the most stability.

The windows on this portable construction work tent can be opened and rolled toward the top of the tent, kept open by a hook and loop strap that wraps through a plastic D-ring and secures to itself. When not in use, the window flaps have zippers to ensure closure. The door to the shelter is similarly zippered, with tie backs located along the center of each side to keep the door flaps open when required.

Packing down the work site tent is as easy as reversing the above instructions; all openings are zipped shut, any anchoring is removed, tabs on the walls are pressed inward to un-flex the fiberglass rods, and the entire assembly is folded up and placed back in its bag.

With such a simple and easy use, the Athens Utility Shelter is a must-have for any utility worker who operates in dangerous areas and inclement weather. More information can be found at Celina Tent’s website, With so many new innovations, such as the Agri-Barrier line of poultry, swine, and cattle ventilation curtains, Mayfield Blow-Mold Folding Chairs, Custom Printed Table Covers, Laminate Tables, and Disinfecting Footbath Mats, Celina is working hard to make a positive impact on the Fabric Shelter and Party Tent industry.