Celina Tent's New Latex Printer is Up & Running!

Celina strives to keep all machinery and processes up to date, allowing us to give you the best quality products. With most of the printed items we sell created in-house, the ability to ensure the utmost in quality and expedient delivery is a major part of the manufacturing process. Recent upgrades to our equipment include the addition of a new HP Latex 3500 Printer.

Using this printer, we’ve been able to print vinyl tent tops, personalized athletic banners, step and repeat banners, and vinyl table covers with picture-perfect quality. Every print can have a resolution up to 1200 x 1200 dpi, letting the detail in your logo or image shine. Printing rates vary depending on the media being printed on and the number of passes required, but most rates fall between 290 ft2 per hour up to 1290 ft2 per hour! And with the printer’s improved 10 liter cartridges, fewer stops are made during or between prints to keep production flowing.

Each print incorporates a myriad of built-in checks and automated adjustments, from automated print head cleaning to color checking as the print is being created. Workers who previously need to perform these checks constantly can now finish work in other areas while the printer does its job. Final checks are still checked by production workers, simply as a redundancy as it isn’t very time consuming. All ink is cured within the machine, allowing us to take each print directly to finishing once it exits, cutting down on manufacturing time.

Order today to see first-hand our high end printing capabilities! Call our printing order line at 884-803-9444 to speak with our printed product specialist, or place an order online 24-7 at our secure website, www.GetTent.com!