What You Need to Know About Your Table Cover Options 101

Table covers fulfill many purposes – they allow you to use tables which on their own may look less than pleasant, they can be used for additional advertising space at fairs and expos, and create a concealed area that can be used for storage or to hide the lower halves of seated persons.


Linen Table Covers are the basic line of coverings. They are offered in many different colors, and made to fit specific table sizes and shapes. As far as function is concerned, all linen table covers are in the “Draped” category described below. Commonly, covers for rectangular banquet tables, round covers, and square covers are available for 6’-8’ Banquet Tables and 32”-72” Round Tables. Any table covers make from linen are not able to be printed on.


Designed to lay across a table with bunching either at corners or at regular intervals, Draped Table Covers are the easiest style of cover to use. Once centered on the table top, the cover hangs down evenly on all sides of the table. The edges of the cover will move with any existing air flow.


Fitted Table Covers are created so that the sides of the cover hang straight down from the table top. Sewn seams create vertical corners on square or rectangular tables, with round table covers having a single straight seam to create a cylindrical look. This style of cover makes it easier to see what has been printed on it, and takes slightly more effort to install.


Similar in idea to the fitted table cover, a Couture Cover goes a step further using stretching spandex material to give a form-fitted appearance to the table. These are the best table covers to use outdoors in possibly windy conditions, as they are held in place by the pockets that wrap around the table’s feet. Couture Table Covers take the most effort to install.


In an effort to make table covers that are more than a one-trick pony, we’ve designed convertible table covers that are usable for two adjacent sizes of banquet tables. This means table covers that fit either 4’ and 6’ tables, or 6’ and 8’ tables. The construction of the convertible table uses hook and loop tabs, which allow you to draw up the back corners of the table cloth and connect them to the rear of the cloth toward the center. This folding keeps extra fabric from dragging and making your display frumpier.


As the name suggests, these table covers do not have a full-sized back panel. Created for banquet-style tables, all 3-Sided Table Covers have a small flap at the top of the fourth side in order to help keep it secure on the table. This leaves room at the rear for easy access to the underside of the table, or more comfortable seating (as it provides unfettered leg room).

A Note on Printing

When ordering a printed table cover, there are three separate options for degree of printing: full dye-sublimation, front logo on a plain color field, or front logo on a white background. The desired look and amount of money you want to spend on your cover will guide you toward the best option for your situation.

Full-Color Dye Sublimation: For the greatest degree of control, Full Dye-Sublimation gives you the option of any images or patterns you can image. Pictures and logos can be placed on all sides of the cover, with anything desired creating the background.

Logo on Color: The mid-grade printing option allows you to place one logo on the front of the table cover, and gives you the choice of printed color for the background. This background color will be the rest of the table, including the top, sides, and back.

Logo on White: The cheapest option, having a Logo on White is just as it sounds. Your logo or image will be placed on the front of the cover, while the top, sides, and back (including the background of the logo side) will be left the standard white that our table cloth is originally.