Get Your Derriere in a Bellaire! Seating with Style in Mind


Elegance. Style. Class. All aspects you want to be reflected at your special event. Not every venue enjoys that standard folding chair, though. Sometimes, a bit more comfort and flair can be just what your gathering needs to really make your guests feel welcome. Celina has you covered – with the stacking Bellaire Chiavari Chair.

A Chair Designed with the Eye in Mind

The Bellaire Chiavari Chair has a classic, old-world Italian look, all the while still having stability and comfort. Improvements in the chair production process and overall design have reduced the time it takes to make them, and keeps the cost low so that you can afford seating that you love without breaking your bank account.

Modern Chiavari Chairs have a reinforced steel frame inside of the chair’s resin, giving the seat added support strength, more so than your typical all-resin chairs. The resin coating is thick enough to keep any nicks and scrapes from getting to the core. As an added bonus, the resin (while being strong enough to keep from getting too many scratches) can be buffed down with simple sand paper – if you ever happen to see a scrape, it can easily be lightly sanded down to be almost invisible!

Solid Design for an All-Weather Chair

As we’ve touched on a little bit already, Bellaire Chairs are made with a metal frame, covered in shaped resin. Being high-density lends a lot of protection to the chair to begin with, but on top of that, the resin is also UV and water resistant –an added bonus! Use them indoors and outdoors! What if you could use the chair at your barbeque one day, your living room the next, and at a family reunion the day after? The Bellaire Chairs do just that! Cleaning them in between is also a snap - the beautiful resin coating is simply wiped down with soap and warm water, and you can be on your way to the next event!

Keeping With Your Preferred Chair Style

We know that not every person likes a plain white chair – variety is the spice of life, after all! That’s why we offer multiple colors in order to fit your event’s needs:

  • White – The classic choice for weddings, white Bellaire Chairs fit most occasions with no problem.
  • Black – Another popular choice, black lends a more formal feel.
  • Gold – Aim high and the gold is in your reach! Elegance is easy when Gold Bellaire Chairs are used.
  • Silver – Never the “second best” choice, Silver matches with many formal events.
  • Mahogany – The warm, wood-like feel lends a home-y touch to every gathering.

With the style and colors that enrich every occasion, you can’t go wrong with a Bellaire Chiavari Chair.  Our website is open 24/7 to give you information on one of our most popular chairs, along with easy ordering and chat available – we’re here to answer any questions you have. Visit us to today and get your derriere in a Bellaire!