4 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Next Trade Show


For anyone going to a trade show for the first time, it seems as though all of the other presenters have learned the Secret Code of the Trade Show already. They’re set up in their booths, have the perfect displays, catch all the right eyes, and have the best references that keep attendees coming back for more. But how do they do it?!

Top 4 Trade Show Tips to Maximize ROI

When you boil it down, much of trade show exhibitors’ success can be attributed to a wide variety of both experience and prep. While exhibiting at a trade show may seem like a big challenge –and one you may not be sure is worth the investment – with the right help you too can be one step closer to wowing your audience and getting call backs the next day! Even basic arrangements can be made into attractive booths with these few tips and tricks. Trade shows have the potential to help you maximize your ROI –you just need to make sure you are taking the right approach from the get-go. So, let’s get designing!

  1. Catching Their Eye

    Ask any presenter and you’ll find the hardest part of trade show work is getting people to stop in the first place. The best attraction in most cases is having your big seller – whatever that may be – prominently displayed. From folding signs to flags, grabbing the attention of event patrons is a must if you’re going to make any headway. Let yourself be seen!
  2. The Main Event

    They’re here! Now that you’ve reeled in a few onlookers, make sure they feel welcomed. The main area of your display should be something that reflects your brand and surrounds your guests with the most important topic – you! Table covers with your logo, retractable or scrolling banners to showcase your most popular products, even going so far as to put up a branded tent will only bring more and more positive attraction to your booth. Including a Fast Shade tent as a part of your trade show display opens up the opportunity for a backdrop, sidewall, and valance banner options– which means more space for your company and product information!
  3. Ebb and Flo

    Your area is full of advertising, tables with pamphlets, product samples, the tv showing your product ads, free candy … are you missing anything? Anything important? How about your potential customers?

    Decide at the onset exactly how your booth will flow – make sure you place your business cards and/or brochures within easy reach of guests, but don’t crowd them to the point where they can’t turn around without knocking over some of your displays. This part will come once you’ve arrived at the trade show – be prepared, but also have a list of your must-haves in case space becomes tight.
  4. A Bird in the Hand …

    Imagine yourself walking through a crowded area, full with the buzz of activity and people, people, people. Now imagine that same scene with your arms full of weighty catalogs. Sound appealing? Of course not! When considering what you want to have your thoughtful patrons leave with, make sure it’s more than a memory, but less than an encyclopedia. Small flyers (which can be folded even smaller to save space) or even just business cards are enough of a reminder to get your clientele to give you a phone call or visit your website. Wow them with your booth appearance, and leave them with something they can hold onto and carry with them for the day.

Getting Started with Trade Shows

With a little planning and preparation, your trade show installation can be an eye-catching sensation that will have you leaving more than a fleeting memory on your attendees. Celina not only offers individual prep items, but sells entire packages with items to help get you on your feet running. Check out our website www.GetTent.com to find out all of the custom printed items that we can make to help you catch attention at your next trade show. Don’t wait – Check it out today!