Half the Size and Twice the Use: Semi-Round Tables are Fit for Any Event!


When it comes to tables, there typically aren’t many options to consider. You have round tables, and then you have rectangular tables. On the rare occasion you have square tables. With little variety in table options, it’s normal to sometimes feel like you just want something different. It’s also normal to feel like you need something different. Something that will fit all of your needs.

Have you ever needed a round table, but it won’t work in the space you have because it can’t be positioned directly against the wall without wasted space? Celina Tent’s solution is a half-circle table – the 60” Semi Round Wood Table. Measuring 60” in length along the flat side and half that depth out, this table allows you to create beautiful displays, informational exhibits, and even just provide efficient for use around the house. Plus, it does not mess with your spacing options!

A Design You’re Familiar With

Each Semi Round Table is made to the same exacting standards as all of our other wooden tables. The wood itself has been treated and sealed with lacquer on the top for a durable working surface, and varnish underneath that to protect it from any water that it may encounter. The underside is braced with hardwood runners – the bars you see along the underside’s width – to help prevent undue warping of the table under normal wear and likewise help bolster the table top’s base strength. All edging is durable PVC, meant to protect the table as much as it is the walls or floor that the edge may come in contact with during transportation.

The folding legs are made from steel tubing, which is powder coated to keep it from rusting or getting chipped or dented. The two different brackets on the bottom allow one set to fold underneath the other, and still fit comfortably in place. Once extended, the legs use dimple locks – a metal bead and drilled hole that create tension – in order to stay in place.

A Multi-Use Table

When used in pairs, Semi Round Tables create a single 60” diameter circle; this is great for venues or organizations that want the option of using the tables for all manners of applications. Need a greeting table for a holiday banquet? Place one semi round table next to the door. Guests begin bringing more than their ‘plus one’ to the festivities? Add another semi round table and get seating for an additional eight to ten seats in a moment’s notice.

We like to think that tables are the start, the basis for every event installation. The tables help build the overall “feel” of the room. They dictate the flow and organization, from which groups and conversation flow, let alone how the decoration in a room will feel. With so many different uses, a Semi Round Wood Table is sure to be a beneficial addition to any gathering!

Semi-Round Wood Tables are available for sale online 24/7 at www.CelinaTablesandChairs.com, and also at our sister site, www.GetTent.com. While you’re there, you can compare other table styles and find information that will help you in choosing your event tables.