The Excitement is “Building” – a New Warehouse, that is!


It’s getting closer and closer and our excitement is mounting. That’s right – the brand new Celina Tent Distribution Center is drawing ever nearer to completion! Contracted through Bruns Building and Development, we’ve already seen the beginnings of the foundation and look forward to watching our new center being installed.

An Expansion for Celina’s Customers’ Growing Needs

With an ever-growing and wide variety of production lines – commercial tents, military structures, printed products, and industrial products and services – space on our factory floor is at a premium. Not only because of manufacturing, but because of the outcome – after all, all of the finished product has to go somewhere. Even with having an existing warehouse, the best way to get stock from our factory to our storage area is to load up a truck and drive the 10 to 15 minutes to our warehouse location.

As with any growing business, we’re expanding product lines and markets to keep up with demand. It came time to ask “Where is all of the new stuff going?” and “how can we better (and more efficiently) serve our customers?” and as we looked across the campus, the answer became clear – why not right here?

Space and Time

This new building will be significantly larger than our current warehouse facility; at the moment our shipping department is located in the nearby town of Coldwater, OH which has 54,000 square feet of storage space. By creating a newer warehouse with a closer-proximity to manufacturing, we’re able to “kill two birds with one stone.” The new building will be almost twice the size of our current warehouse– a whopping 100,000 square feet of space – and will be located on our main manufacturing grounds. Building height may not be the first aspect of an area that you think about, but it’s great for creating additional storage and maximizing space. High Bay Storage Areas upwards of 43’ feet tall will allow us to have an abundance of vertical storage space –meaning more product ready to be shipped to you at a moment’s notice!

Having so much space right next door to our manufacturing facility also opens up the option for accommodating actual production procedures, including surge manufacturing and more involved or specialized pack-out processes. Every part of the distribution process can be streamlined and made faster and more efficient –which is Celina’s ultimate goal.


The best part about our new warehouse location is all of the possibilities that the new space opens up to both us and you, our trusted and valued customers. With the added space, we will be able to combine shipment consolidation, item kitting, and distribution into one area for all of our product lines – from the standard tents and event items of commercial sales to the more specialized ducting, agricultural, automotive, and industrial products that move through our plant. Dedicated space for this purpose is great for items that may be larger and more challenging to handle. Anything irregular, bulky, or otherwise freight-designated items can be easily packed, wrapped, and sent on its way to your doorstep! What does this all mean for you? Shorter lead times on all products!

Situated within walking distance of our production buildings and main offices, the new Distribution Center has the added benefit of space to the North and West for building expansion when needed. Our current completion date for the new building is November 1st, 2017. We’ll be posting more information and progress photos as our center comes closer to completion, so be sure to check back often!

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