Tables and Chairs – The Perfect Match, Together at Last!


Tables and chairs. Chairs and tables. They go together like a pen and a page, a needle and thread, or peanut butter and jelly. Which is why Celina Tent has created combo sets of our popular resin chairs and tables in order get you everything you’ll need to host your next event, whether in your home or as a rental hall or organization.

Quality Pieces of Furniture …

Celina’s Blow-Mold Resin Tables and Mayfield Chairs are made from high-density polypropylene, which resists UV and water. Combined with the powder coating on the legs, both tables and chairs can be used outdoors with little worry about rust or wear. Our Blow-Molded Resin can be used in so many situations, making them some of the longest-lasting (not to mention most comfortable) table settings we offer. Both items fold as well, making them easier to store or move from place to place.

Care for your items in a snap – the water resistant resin and powder coated metal allow you to clean your items using ordinary soap and water. In case of extreme messes, gentle cleaners may also be used without harming either the tables or chairs. Easier cleaning makes each set safer, as anti-bacterial cleaners can be used more often.

… Together at Last!

We have paired each high-quality table with a standard amount of seating:

           · 6’ Banquet Tables: 6 chairs (3 per side)

           · 63” Diameter Round Tables: 8 chairs (equally spaced)

           · 8’ Banquet Tables: 10 chairs (5 per side)

Our combos let you choose from our complete stock of blow-molded items, including the standard 6’ and 8’ banquet tables, the center-folding 6’ banquet table, and the 63” round table. No matter what your event layout is, we make sure we have the style and sizes of tables that you need.

With these combos, you’ll only need to check your guest count to find the best fit for your event. Easy to order, sets can be augmented with purchases of individual tables or chairs to increase to the exact number you need. Multiple sets can even be purchased – giving you enough for a few event crashers to boot!

Each set can be ordered with no hassle 24/7 at our website,, where you’ll find in depth descriptions and additional flyers and videos to help you make your selection. Visit our website today to take advantage of our online deals and pricing and stock up for your next big event!