60” versus 72” Round Tables – Which is the better option?

Round Tables, which come in wood, laminate, or resin, are a great way to break up the squared-off monotony of mass seating; helping to make a large (or small) room feel less structurally influenced and better set to mingle and engage with others. Yet, you may find yourself asking –which size table is right for me? Typically, bigger tables are better, with less set up time and fewer pieces for transport. But how big is too big? Celina’s tables come in sizes ranging from 36” to 72” in diameter. However, today we are going to compare the two largest, our 60” and 72”, to help you get a feel for what might be the right fit for your next event.

Round 1: Transportation

While a 12” difference between the two table sizes may at first seem small, it’s important to note that this 12” difference is in the diameter – meaning there is much more table there than just an increased width or length. That extra area means that the 72” tables will be a foot larger consistently – through doorways, in your truck or van, everywhere. However, storing and transporting these tables can still be done –and quite easily at that—with a round table cart! On round wooden tables from Celina, this larger area accounts for an additional 15 lbs. of weight (and don’t forget about added space!)

Round 2: Usage

Many venues are using round tables more often than not because of the ease of maneuverability, set up and the like. Plus, they help to add dimension to any given location. However, it’s important that you always have the number of guests (or at least an approximation of your crowd) handy to accurately anticipate just how much seating you’ll need. Any 60” table can comfortably seat 8 guests and any 72” table can seat 10 guests.

With the space and seating decided on, it remains up to you as to how comfortable you want to make those you are accommodating. If your event is more social, say a wedding or reunion, it can become challenging to try and hold conversation across a 72” table filled with various items and decorations. In these situations, a 60” table may suit your needs better than the 72”. However, either table is an excellent choice, depending on the event. Just remember, if you need more seating, the 72” table will be your best bet!

Consistent Considerations

Whichever size you end up choosing, remember that there will need to be space between tables to accommodate seated individuals, as well as an area in between for people to walk through. The standard seated space per person is 18”, with an additional 30” for the service aisle between chairs. For tighter organization without table service, the chairs at different tables can have 24” between them. Always remember to have at least 48” between a table and an adjacent wall.

Our vast array of both tables and chairs can be viewed on our website, www.CelinaTablesandChairs.com. If you have any questions on the table sizes and shapes that can be used for your special occasion, contact us today at sales@celinatent.com.